Program Overview 

Specific Courses and Descriptions for the Church Administration Program.  It is highly recommended for the prospective student to print this page and review the training you will receive!

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Number Type
Accounting  A222 Admin
Administrator Practicum/Life Exp.  A422 Admin
Advanced Administration  AE322 Admin, Ed
Advanced Bible Doctrines III  RB301 Core
Advanced Bible Doctrines IV   BAE421 Biblical, Admin, Ed
Apologetics I  RB210 Core
Apologetics II PBA321 Pastoral, Biblical, Admin
Art of Pastoring PA122 Pastoral, Admin
Bible Doctrines I   RB102 Core
Bible Doctrines II  RB202 Core
Biblical Basics for Counseling  AEC123 Admin, Ed, Counsel
Christian Life and Witness  RB204 Core
Church Administration   RB304 Core
Discipleship I   RB205 Core
Discipleship II  RB305 Core
Dispensations and Covenants  (E)RT406 Core Theo, Ed
Dynamics of Leadership   RB401 Core
English Composition I  RB103 Core
Eschatology   RB107 Core
Evangelism   RB104 Core
Health/Finance  RB105 Core
Hermeneutics  RB203 Core
History of Civilization I   RB207 Core
History of Civilization II   RB306 Core
Homiletics   RB307 Core
Intro to Biblical Counseling   RB308 Core
Introduction to College RB108 Core
Legal Issues in Ministry   RB402 Core
Life of Christ   RB106 Core
Marriage Preparation and Counseling RB403 Core
Ministerial Ethics   RB404 Core
Missions III- Relationships-Local Church  AM221 Admin, Missions
New Testament Survey   RB208 Core
NT Greek I   RB301 Core
Old Testament Survey I   RB310 Core
Old Testament Survey II   RB405 Core
Parenting   RB303 Core
Religions and Cultures of the World RB406 Core
Research Tools   RB109 Core
Spiritual Formation   RB209 Core
Teaching Methods I  RM301 Core Ministry
Team Ministries   A121 Admin
Understanding the Bible   RB101 Core
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A study of the most important subject directly related to the successful ministry of church and church related ministries.  This class will give the student the most current instruction for the proper handling of money in the local church and many of its other subordinate ministries. Course Menu

Administrator Practicum

This course is a directed research and personally designed course of study related to an administration ministry within a local church or church school. This will be a course which requires the student to set up interviews with three church or Christian school administrators.  A report will be required from each interview.  Interview questions will be provided as a guide for the interviews. Course Menu

Advanced Administration

This course is a continuation of the Church Administration course of study.  This further develops the doctrine of administration, not only in the local church, but in other ministries. Much practical information will be an excellent resource for all those involved in ministry. Course Menu

Advanced Bible Doctrines III

This course is an introduction to the discipline of theology.  Major themes of the Bible are defined and supported by a systematic study of Bible texts.  The course explores the major divisions of systematic theology.  These are designed to give the student a clear working knowledge of the major Bible doctrines.  It will include additional reading of a systematic theology text for outside reading. Course Menu

Advanced Bible Doctrines IV

This course is a thorough study of the major doctrines of the Christian faith.  The course focuses upon the ten most prominent doctrines of the Old and New Testaments.  It will include additional outside reading of a systematic theology textbook. Course Menu

Apologetics I

This course is a study of arguments the critics have against the Christian faith.  The answers for their arguments are answered by the prominent apologists of our day.  This course will help the student defend the faith against the unbelieving world. Course Menu

Apologetics II

This course is a further study of arguments against the Bible, Creation, Christ, etc.  This study will prepare the student to answer the present day objections and unbelief of those who have accepted a non-Christian world view.   More than adequate arguments are given from former unbelievers.  Course Menu

Art of Pastoring

This is a study and application of the principles and skills of Biblical leadership and management ministry with an emphasis on the abilities needed by today’s church leaders.  The course considers leadership styles, conflict management, goal setting and planning, and working with volunteers. Course Menu

Bible Doctrines I

This course studies the great characters of the Old and New Testaments.  The men and women of the Bible not only reveal their victories, but their failings.  It is a great study with practical spiritual benefits for each student in their present everyday living.  Course Menu

Bible Doctrines II

This course is an in depth, yet simple study of the major doctrines of the Bible with an emphasis on the great words that define all the major concepts of Bible truth.   Accurate definitions and clear applications help the student retain this subject. Course Menu

Biblical Basics for Counseling

This course provides the student with the most up to date methods of counseling from the standard point of the Bible.  It gives resources, concepts and procedures needed to effectively counsel others from the Bible.  This study gives the student a good understanding of the importance of the whole counseling ministry necessary to meet people’s need. Course Menu

Biblical Hermeneutics

This course introduces the theoretical and practical aspects of Biblical interpretation.  The course briefly surveys the history of the interpretation of Scripture.  This course explains the various kinds of Bible literature and how to apply the proper principles of Biblical interpretation. Course Menu

Christian Life and Witness

This is a basic course of study that begins with how we got the Bible.  It covers all kinds of helpful historical information about the writing of the Bible, as well as showing the student the process of translations down to the present time.  Much helpful information is learned that deepens the student’s appreciation of God’s gift to us. Course Menu

Church Administration

This is a study of the most current methods of administration.  This will include an integration of Biblical concepts of church leadership and the relevant principles of communication and organizational management.  This class will be a valuable resource for those serving in the ministry of administration. Course Menu

Discipleship I

The study of the importance and methodology for discipleship development patterned after scriptural accounts of Christ and His disciples.  It will include the review of programs and work books currently used in discipleship training.  Practical experience in a discipling relationship. Course Menu

Discipleship II

The understanding and practice of Christian community within small groups aimed at particular ministries, Bible study, outreach and discipleship.  The course highlights model church programs, administrative requirements, leadership training, potential difficulties, are factors that ensure long-term success. Course Menu

Dispensations and Covenants

This is an essential course that gives the student a comprehensive understanding of the Biblical emphasis, nature, definition, and practical outworking of the dispensations as they interrelate with God’s covenants to the nation of Israel .  The careful understanding of this subject will be the guide for proper understanding and interpretation of the Bible. Course Menu

Dynamics of Leadership

A study of the philosophy and methodology of leadership development patterned after scriptural accounts of Christ and His disciples.  Current leadership models will be examined, plus a wealth of information to help the student formulate his own style of leadership.  This solid Biblical teaching is to be a framework for Christian leadership in ministry. Course Menu

English Composition I

This course will cover:  words, spelling rules, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, abbreviations, mechanics, and writing.  This class comes in the form of individual booklets that are very instructive to aid learning.  These booklets are a great resource for future reference. Course Menu


This is a study of the most interesting subject of the Bible.  The class will give the student a solid understanding of the scope of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.   This study comes in the most visual format possible.  It will serve as a resource for continued review and learning.  The events of the “end times” are on the cutting edge when discussing the events of the twenty-first century. Course Menu


This is a challenging concept of reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many methods of the past no longer seem relevant.  The present approach of this course is firmly based from the method lived out by Jesus Christ.  It is a Biblical approach which allows the student to partner with the Holy Spirit in His work of evangelism. Course Menu


These are practical courses of information and training in the areas of personal health and finances.  Both subjects use the current textbooks available.  These subjects have proven to be two of the most important challenges in the life of people today. Course Menu


This course introduces the theoretical and practical aspects of Biblical interpretation.  The course briefly surveys the history of the interpretation of Scripture.  This course explains the various kinds of Bible literature and how to apply the proper principles of Biblical interpretation. Course Menu

History of Civilization I – Ancient History

This is a course that helps the student learn essential characteristics of good historians and compares two major theories of history.  Mesopotamian, Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, European, and Eastern events will be studied.  Chronological events from Creation to the Modern era will be covered.  Many charts and time tables with graphs will be beneficial to understand the scope of this subject. Course Menu

History of Civilization II – Creationism

The study material includes video tapes on Creation and evolution.  These tapes along with a workbook give the student materials to strengthen their faith in the Bible as well as provide scientific proof for the truth of the creation story.  This is an exciting study of updated, current teaching on the subtleties of evolution.  The student will be strengthened in their argument for Creation and will be provided great illustrations and examples of the impossibility of evolution ever being the answer to the origin of all things. Course Menu


The student will learn the art and components of preaching.  The course covers basic patterns of sermon preparation, sermon delivery, and sermon evaluation.  There are chapters that help the preacher/speaker perfect his/her preparation and delivery for the maximum reception and retention of their message. Course Menu

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

This course studies personality theories in the light of Scripture and their implications in counseling; the application of Christian faith to personal problems; basic counseling techniques.  The course will include reading current authors on the subject.  Books will be recommended for the student who is serious about the ministry of counseling. Course Menu

Introduction to College

  Course Menu

Legal Issues in Ministry

This is a practical course of information and training in the legal requirements of church ministry.  It includes practical instruction regarding issues relating to the IRS and non-profit corporations.  The proper collection and recording of church offerings, required accounting practices, etc. are covered.  The attendance of legal seminars by current legal specialists will be required. Course Menu

Life of Christ

This is a comprehensive study of the Gospels with an emphasis on the life of Christ.  The course relates the events of Christ to the historical setting and background which includes identifying the religious sects, governments, philosophies, and geographic issues of the First Century.  The purpose will help the student gain a clearer understanding of who Christ is, His message and His mission, both then and today.  The course includes 12 booklets with reading assignments primarily in the Gospels. Course Menu

Marriage Preparation

This course will focus on developing a marriage preparation and counseling program for the local church. A theology of marriage will be reviewed.  The student will come to understand the Biblical perspective of marriage outlined in the Bible.  Various aspects of this subject will be explored such as communication within marriage, reconstituted marriage, divorce recovery, premarital and marriage enrichment. Course Menu

Ministerial Ethics

This is a study of the believer’s position and practice, including principles for ethical behavior.   This course is designed to encourage proper development of relationships and ethical decision-making.  Each student is given the opportunity to develop a Biblical worldview.  The Spirit-filled life will be emphasized, and the need for healthy interpersonal relationships will become known. Course Menu

Missions III – Relationships – Local Church

In this course the student will learn about their individual callings, language and cultural challenges, mistakes, hardships, and various types of missions work.  It also covers the importance of establishing the proper relationship with local churches and key individuals who have a heart for missions.  The importance of building the necessary support base is included. Course Menu

New Testament Greek I

This is an elementary course in New Testament Greek designed to introduce students to the basics of Greek vocabulary and rules of grammar as prerequisites for translating the New Testament.  The student will be introduced to the basic tools for assisting in accurately exegeting and interpreting the Bible

New Testament Survey

This course is a book by book study of the content, instruction, and teachings of the New Testament books from Matthew through Revelation with emphasis on historical settings and backgrounds, authors, and key themes.  The student will read and study the entire New Testament while completing 12 booklets. Course Menu

Old Testament Survey I

This course is a detailed survey of Israel ’s history, with primary emphasis given to the primary content of each Old Testament book.  Specific information will be highlighted to assist the student in gaining a good understanding of the chief characters of the Old Testament and their importance in the plan of God.  The first of two courses covers the period from Adam through Judges.  The student will complete 5 booklets while reading the corresponding Old Testament books. Course Menu

Old Testament Survey II

This course is a detailed survey of Israel ’s history, with primary emphasis given to the primary content of each Old Testament book.  Specific information will be highlighted to assist the student in gaining a good understanding of the chief characters of the Old Testament and their importance in the plan of God.  His second of two courses covers the period of Judges through Malachi.  The student will complete 5 booklets while reading the corresponding Old Testament books. Course Menu


This course is an examination of the Christian family.  It includes the Biblical basis, distinctives, and functions of the family.   It also defines Christian marriage, family roles, and relationships.  Parenting and child training are an integral part this study. Course Menu

Religions and Cultures

This is a study of all of the major religions of the world and their kindred offshoots.  There is contained in this study the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of each religion and the reason that their adherents believe what they do.  The textbook is written in such a way to be easily read.  It contains interesting charts for summarized information. Course Menu

Research Tools

This course will cover several tools used for Bible study, teaching, and preaching.  It includes how to use Bible software, dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, topical studies, illustrations, quotes, and humor.  The use of the internet and word processing are also covered. Course Menu

Spiritual Formation

This course covers the benefits of a variety of foundational tools, devotion and study practices, accountability practices, church opportunities, and other common strengths for believers. The course also covers a self-examination of where the student is on a spiritual level, along with determining goals and steps to grow.  Course Menu

Teaching Methods I

This course develops the individual teaching skills of the student in conformity with foundational principles of teaching and learning.  It also provides guidance in preparing and teaching lesson plans, and assists students in evaluating themselves and their fellow students.  The textbook will be a guiding resource for the student throughout the whole duration of the teaching ministry. Course Menu

Team Ministries

This course carefully outlines the priorities and benefits of ministry teams.  The concept of team ministry has been a Biblical practice from Christ to the present.  This study explores not only the value of teams, but the challenge of team spirituality. Course Menu

Understanding the Bible

This course is designed to help the student become familiar with the theme of each book of the Old and New Testament.  The format is a workbook style which provides a future resource for all kinds of ministry. Course Menu



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